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Maven is a word that isn’t used a whole lot any more that’s for sure. According to the Princeton Wordnet, a ‘Maven’ is defined as “someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.” This is pretty accurate for Knowing the definition of Maven you can pretty much tell what the objective of the site is.

According to Mavenlink:

“Mavenlink is a new online community dedicated to connecting people and businesses who need work done with people who are experts at doing exactly the work needed. We call them mavens; they are entrepreneurs, consultants, subject matter experts, and knowledge professionals who are highly qualified to answer your questions and accomplish your projects. Joining Mavenlink is free, and takes just minutes.”

Through MavenLink users can post a project, select someone to take care of the project, track the work and pay the maven.
Mavens can create profiles, bid on posted projects, work closely with the client, get paid fairly and securely.

Yes, there are sites out there that are resoundingly similar to MavenLink and hopefully it can set itself apart from the “I’m in another country, outsource to me, I can do it cheaper” attitude. It seems they might.

MavenLink appears to be very responsive and is certainly trying to take any scammer loopholes out of the system.

In our current economic climate I can see sites like MavenLink coming back to life and being used more and more. Companies can’t afford the high cost of permanent or hourly paid staff for projects (Mavens bid per the project) and skilled people in general need as many usable arenas as they can get their hands on to find work.

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Author: Andy Quayle

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