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(ARA) – With busy schedules and lives constantly on the go, it’s easy to be forgetful. But in today’s connected world, with a little help from technology, it is possible to accomplish what you need to with barely a second thought.

There are a number of techno-gadgets that you can “set and forget” — from a self-soap-dispensing dishwasher to a digital shower which lets you pre-set the perfect temperature and flow. Groundbreaking digital products provide consumers with convenient services for every room in the house, allowing you to focus on life’s important things.

Living room
One of the best rooms to begin “setting and forgetting” in is the living room. Long gone are the days when you needed a VCR and a blank tape to record TV programs you weren’t going to be home to watch. With a digital video recorder (DVR), it’s nearly impossible to miss your must-see shows. This popular digital technology — Nielsen reports that 25 percent of U.S. homes have at least one DVR — lends an unprecedented amount of flexibility to your home entertainment schedule. Simply set your favorite shows to record whenever new episodes air and you’ll never miss out on the action or jokes again.
Another technology making life in your living room easier is a VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) home phone, which plugs into your home’s broadband line, is interactive and offers functionality similar to that of a traditional cell phone. The Hub from Verizon features a 7-inch touch screen which can sit on a table. From it, you can view local traffic information and send and receive text, picture and video messages. You can even view TV schedules, check the weather, play music or upload your contacts and calendars, making it a one-stop-shop for all of your home communication needs.

Think technology for the bath isn’t possible? Think again. In the past, technology made specifically for the bathroom has been somewhat lackluster, like waterproof CD players for the shower; or cumbersome, like televisions built into the tile for bathtime viewing. Now, Moen is bringing innovative, easy-to-use digital indulgences into the bath with ioDIGITAL.  This truly unique digital showering and bath system is like having your own personal digital "butler." You can program your vertical spa to deliver your personalized, precise temperature and flow; turn on your shower with a remote from across the room or while still in bed; or even top off your bath with warm water with the touch of a button. Once you’ve found your perfect combination, you can save it as one of your ioDIGITAL’s pre-sets and forget about fiddling with the temperature every time you step in the shower. And the best part is that you can do all of this as easily as if you were programming a car radio. It’s that simple.

One of the greatest advantages of this technology is the ability to program preferred settings into memory. ioDIGITAL is “set and forget” technology at its finest, with up to four different pre-sets that can be easily programmed within seconds. Every member of the family can have their own unique setting — from an invigorating morning shower to a relaxing evening escape, and even the perfect bedtime bath for the kids. With intuitive controls and simple operation, ioDIGITAL is as easy as it is innovative, and effortlessly transforms the bathroom into the most tech-savvy room in the house.

According to Iconoculture, a leading cultural trend research firm, consumers still like to find the look that’s right for their space, but their lifestyles and life stages are dictating buying decisions more frequently. “Set and forget” technology is a major factor when it comes to making life easier in the kitchen. The GE Profile Dishwasher has SmartDispense technology, which holds up to two months’ worth of liquid dishwasher detergent and automatically dispenses the right amount based on water hardness and soil levels. Since it’s programmed to start on its own, the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to the dishes is whose turn it is to put them away.

Make all of your appliances smart by coordinating your dishwasher with another great option — the Frigidaire Professional Freestanding Electric Range. This smart stove features a delay start option, perfect for “setting and forgetting.” You can set your oven to begin cooking on your schedule — it can be programmed from one to 24 hours in advance. Another innovative feature includes “My Favorite” settings, allowing you to cook family favorites like chicken nuggets and pizza with the touch of a button.

Regardless of where you incorporate digital technology, remember that these user-friendly and convenient options will help you save time and start living a worry-free digital life.

For more information ioDIGITAL from Moen, visit, or call (800) BUY-MOEN.

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