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Let me start with the fact that when you write about a topic, it is not realistic to expect all of your keywords to naturally be included in your writing. Moreover, just because you might know a lot about a subject, it does not mean that you use all the different terminology that exists in your niche.

You must remember that your visitors use a very wide range of keywords to find what you are writing about. Besides, they do not all use the exact same vocabulary and spelling, especially if you are targeting multiple geographical regions. You may know that people use search engines differently too. This plays a key role in the fact that if you do not take the time to find out which keywords are more popular, you are only targeting the people who think like you. The fact is that if you’re lucky you might accidentally target some other keywords too. It would be useful for you to think of all the other keywords that you are most likely forgetting.

Searching differently, your target visitors, in a fact, may be looking for a wide variety of things related to your topic. On the one hand, some people may only want broad information or images. On the other hand, others may only be interested in a very specific subtopic of your chosen topic. It’s common knowledge that without doing proper keyword research, you might not think of some related topics that people are also frequently searching for.

As a matter of fact, when you examine related keywords you might realize that there is an important topic that you have not covered with your website content. It is no great surprise that this may warrant a separate article or even a whole new section of your website. By covering many topics related to your niche, so far as we know, you develop an authority website that answers all of your visitors’ questions. Besides, you get more traffic from a wider variety of keywords. We can safely assume that if you are an expert in your field with years of experience, you probably can accurately predict a lot of the related topics that people might be searching for. It turned out that still you might be wrong about the preferred terminology. Besides, there could also be related topics that are brand new that you didn’t even know about. An important point is that trends change over time and new keywords can become popular overnight.

So, don’t forget, before you start writing your next article or blogpost, make sure you first research all of the probable keywords that are used within your niche. If you want a successful website, as far as my personal experience can be taken into account, you don’t want traffic from just a few keywords, you want traffic from every important keyword related to your topic. Remember, you want to target people who think and search all different ways.

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