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LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2009 — Cheap TV Spots, the
award-winning, international, Internet-based discount TV
advertising agency for entrepreneurs, says it’s aiming at
Twitter these days.

"While Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and the like are all
interesting ways for businesses to communicate with
customers, we’re really fascinated by Twitter’s ability to
take social media by storm," says Ann Clark, Cheap TV Spots
co-founder. "Twitter is doing for the web what Disco did for
the dance floor. It’s all about stayin’ alive."
Cheap TV Spots has developed a unique advertising
methodology for entrepreneurs that helps link their
television campaign with their online presence, creating a
cohesive message that resonates with consumers. Cheap TV
Spots can use the power of the bigger screen to channel
customers to a Twitter page, website, or just about any
online or mobile destination. Also, Cheap TV Spots can
design TV commercials to be online-friendly, to complement a
social website, company home page, blog or email campaign.
With over 180 international awards, only
has the proven expertise to design the ultimate media

Clark says, "Social media marketing, if used alone, can be
weak and ineffective. Too many sites, not enough eyeballs.
It’s important to have an integrated plan. Social media is a
great customer destination after you’ve gotten their
attention with TV."

Cheap TV Spots offers this recession-busting tip: To save
money, stay away from automated, choose-it-yourself air time
buying sites where the advertiser presumably picks her own
airings from a list. Such sites can be deceptive, charging
extra commissions in addition to the network air time cost,
and selling air time that may not be available. That means
the advertiser may get very little for her advertising

Ms. Clark says, "These so-called do-it-yourself sites give
the impression that you can pick your airings from a list
and pay a guaranteed price, when in fact the site cannot
make such promises. It’s up to the networks whether air time
is available, and whether they will even accept your
commercial for broadcast." Cheap TV Spots helps advertisers
overcome these hurdles by negotiating with the networks on
their behalf, and Cheap TV Spots never adds extra

Cheap TV Spots produces award-winning, custom-made, national
quality TV commercials for its low, flat rate. Cheap TV
Spots also offers air time placement services scaled for
start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses.

Serving entrepreneurs since 2001, Cheap TV Spots is the
world’s first global, Internet-based, discount TV ad agency.
Cheap TV Spots is a registered trademark of Academy Leader,
Inc., a privately held, multinational media company, which
spans TV, motion pictures, radio, outdoor, publishing and
mobile media.

MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are trademarks of
their respective entities.

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