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LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2009 — Following the successful
launch of MEDL Mobile’s web-based App Incubator
(, the company announces the
launch of an App Incubator iPhone app. Using this new app,
anyone with a concept for a mobile application can submit
the idea directly to MEDL Mobile — anytime, anywhere.

As previously announced, the company has committed $2.5
million to the development of said applications across
multiple mobile devices, such as the iPhone, Blackberry and

"We’ve been blown away by the creativity of our ‘developer’
community," said Andrew Maltin, MEDL Mobile CEO. "In the few
days since the app went live, we have received literally
thousands of submissions — and lots of them are very good."

Each submission to the App Incubator is rated according to
five criteria — Originality, Functionality, Simplicity,
Revenue Potential and Fun. Apps that pass MEDL’s scoring
criteria go into development. All development and marketing
costs are funded by MEDL Mobile and 25% of any profits go
back to the originator of the idea. With some applications
earning thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars a
day, the App Incubator will allow people with great ideas
for mobile applications to profit from their creativity.

Maltin also added, "We expect to build hundreds of these
apps in the coming months. Our goal is to make many people
lots of money and bring a whole new influx of creativity to
the mobile marketplace."

MEDL Mobile also develops custom applications for third
parties, advertising agencies and consumer brands.

About MEDL Mobile, Inc.

MEDL Mobile builds Shiny MEDL Objects — mobile applications
that fascinate, entertain, connect and empower their users.
They’re fun, fascinating and make people smile. MEDL has
several applications available on the Apple App Store. These
include: the note-passing, collaborative drawing application
Doodle Chat; InBetween — which uses Google Maps to find a
midpoint meeting spot between two iPhone users; and The App
Incubator (, among others.

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