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There’s money in domain names, there’s no doubt about it. They’re like real estate. Everyone has a domain name now even if they don’t have a web site.

“Let Tubu Internet Solutions put you in the red-hot domain name registration and Internet business. We’ve done the heavy lifting — product development, customer support, infrastructure — we’ve even built your Web site. So take your business live on the Internet and start earning money TODAY!”

Prices have dropped to $59.99/yr (from $79.99 for the basic reseller) and $159.99/yr (from $179.99 for the pro reseller).  see more at

So, what is a domain reseller? well, through Tubu Internet Solutions you can set up your own Registrar Storefront and be your own domain registration service just like GoDaddy, eNom, Network Solutions etc. every time someone signs up for any one of 50 products through your service you real the benefits.

See the list of products here

Why? There is and always will be a market for domain registrations. Tubu Internet Solutions is an established registrar and is all about sharing the love. They’re opening up the opportunities to everyone. Heck they don’t even mind if you become bigger than them.

How much work do I have to do? Well, honestly that is the beauty of this reseller program. You don’t have to do any work, they take care of it all for you with 24/7 support and concierge services. All you have to do is send the customers to your site.
Even the billing is handled for you – they send you a check.

You even get free stuff too – Google Adword Credits and Microsoft AdCenter Credits.

If you’re into hosting and domain registrations then this is well worth a look.

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