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Author: David Nalin

With all the excitement surrounding Skype’s release of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for iPhone, Blackberry RIM users may have felt a bit left out. Even though BlackBerry VoIP has been around for some time now, the Skype announcement reinvigorated the market and there has been renewed interest in the whole topic of BlackBerry VoIP. With Skype, BlackBerry VoIP is not quite as full featured as users would like but it is definitely a great start. The Skype BlackBerry VoIP initial release don’t handle voicemail and file transfers but those are planned for later this year. On the plus side, the Skype product for Blackberry does not require that calls are made over a WiFi connection. As long as you have a calling plan you can use your regular cellular service.

Skype is not alone in targeting the BlackBerry VoIP market. The popular provider JAJAH also made recent announcements about new BlackBerry VoIP capabilities. The JAJAH solution for Blackberry allows users to make calls over both WiFi and cellular networks. This product offers real potential for BlackBerry VoIP and many users are excited about its introduction. Truphone, a VoIP mobile software developer who grew out of the iPhone arena, also has a BlackBerry VoIP product. Another BlackBerry VoIP product that holds great potential is Raketu’s new application. This is a web-based solution that is accessed via the Blackberry web browser.

BlackBerry VoIP is nothing new. As early as 2006 Cisco offered VoIP functionality for BlackBerry. While this product met with mixed reactions, it was adopted by the business community. Users have still wanted more for quite some time. With all the options now available there is certainly something for everyone.

So what is the big deal about VoIP. The biggest draw is the ability to eliminate long distance charges and minimize calling minutes. Using SIP (session initiation protocol) calls are passed over the Internet. SIP is a total multimedia protocol so its potential is far greater than simply telephony. Voice conferencing and video calling are all technically possible. VoIP is particularly attractive to business customers since the amount of money that can be saved by large scale VoIP is huge. Since BlackBerry’s target market is the business customer, BlackBerry VoIP is of particular interest to the business market.

Despite the fact that BlackBerry was primarily designed and developed to be used for handling email, it has come a long way from that. It is now a feature rich device that handles phone communication just as well as it handles email. The BlackBerry holds it own with the best of the devices on the market and can truthfully be called a multimedia center. Now that VoIP is more easily accessible to all its users, it is an even more powerful tool. With the continued introduction of new models and VoIP development continuing, there can only be good things ahead for those users who are already on the BlackBerry bandwagon. It’s key advantage over other big names, not being limited to WiFi. For those who are not yet believers, true BlackBerry VoIP may be just the thing to convince them.

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