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SANTA FE, N.M., June 15, 2009 —, now
the world’s most comprehensive Deep Web science search
engine, provides a single point of access to over 400
high-quality publicly searchable science and technology
collections with a new, robust user interface specifically
designed for advanced scientific research. Built with
scalability in mind, in terms of collections searched in
parallel and number of concurrent users,
is deployed at an Amazon Cloud Computing Data Center.
Originally released in 2005 as a search engine focused on
providing access to publicly searchable journal literature, now boasts a greatly expanded set of
searchable collections and Deep Web Technologies
next-generation federated search engine, helping researchers
(at any level) find accurate results for their science and
technology research. is Web 2.0-based and makes available a
number of advanced capabilities, including relevance
ranking, clustering and the ability to select results of
interest and email them to a colleague or export them to
citation management software such as EndNote or RefWorks. It
searches all the collections in real-time. "Our goal is to
make more science research available to more individuals
than any other portal," said Abe Lederman, President and CTO
of Deep Web Technologies. "We want to facilitate scientific
discovery. The moment information is published in any of
these deep web collections, it can be found by interested

The key idea behind is to promote the
discovery of information by searching authoritative, "deep
web" collections of information from around the world. These
collections include publicly available collections as well
as subscription or premium resources which are publicly
searchable. Users of will find that a
lot of the information in these collections is unavailable
from the popular search engines, since they cannot index
these "deep web" resources.

Next-generation federated search technology has become a
strategic necessity for serious researchers, corporations
and other professionals where finding the
needle-in-the-hay-stack is critical to their success. is divided into 15 categories, including
Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Health and
Medicine and Physics. Categories have also been created for
Science News and Patents. Users can search any number of
categories, searching all collections within the categories
selected, or choose specific collections within a category
to narrow their search. "Featured collections" are included,
which search major science search portals including, and the E-Print Network.’s categories are managed by volunteer
moderators who want to help the team
select the best, most authoritative collections to include
in each category. is seeking moderators
for several categories.

"We hope that will help to accelerate
scientific discovery around the world," commented Lederman.
"This portal promotes the cross-fertilization of ideas and
theories among researchers in different fields through the
simultaneous search of hundreds of important collections
that a researcher might not otherwise find."

Mr. Lederman will be featuring in his
contributed paper at the Special Libraries Association
Centennial conference in Washington, DC this June 2009. His
paper, entitled "Science Research: Journey to 10,000
Sources," is available on the SLA website.

About Deep Web Technologies

Deep Web Technologies ( creates
custom, sophisticated federated search solutions for clients
who demand precise, accurate results. The tool of choice
when needing to access the deep web, federated search
performs real-time, parallel searches of multiple
information sources, merging the results into one page.
Serving Fortune 500 companies, the Alliance
(, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the
Dept. of Defense, ),,
( and a variety of other
customers and partners, Deep Web Technologies has built a
reputation as the "researcher’s choice" for its advanced,
agile information discovery tools.

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