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Author: David Nalin

When you first got your BlackBerry you were probably tremendously happy about it, but what about your BlackBerry softphone? You might be thinking, what’s the big deal? It’s already a phone, what’s the difference? The difference is the difference between a cell phone signal and a wireless internet network. Cell phone signals depend on cell phone towers, which can be pretty few and far between once you get a certain distance away from civilization. However, your BlackBerry softphone only needs a wireless internet network which can be made available anywhere you have a telephone line, which are rather more widespread than cell phone towers, especially outside the more populated areas.

You have to be really isolated to not have access to a telephone, and it is even possible to have a telephone where there is no landline, thanks to the advent of satellite telephones. Basically, if a satellite can see you, you can get a telephone connection, which means you can have an internet connection, which means your BlackBerry softphone can keep you communicable at the foot of a mountain in the Peruvian Andes.

So, picture your office and all the files, both computer-based and paper, that are stored there. You probably have a vast amount of information stored there, but the chances are there is only a small amount of it that you use on a constant, ongoing basis. Simple forms, procedures, whatever it is that fulfils your business’ core requirements in order to do keep doing what it does. It is also most likely that this small amount of information can be stored on your BlackBerry softphone so that you can always have access to it, no matter where you are.

Now consider that you need to be able to communicate with your BlackBerry softphone, just in case, wherever you happen to be. You want to get away from it all, but not so far away that if something goes down at work, you aren’t in a position to immediately find out and help solve the problem. You want to be accessible, if necessary. But if your destination is outside of cell phone range, you might still be able to receive your emails and so on, but how do you make a telephone call? Using isolated satellite phones can be extremely expensive.

Well, now you no longer need to worry. With your BlackBerry softphone, you can use the wireless internet signal at your destination to make a phone call. Apart from the fact that this is much cheaper, it also allows you to choose where you make and take your calls, which can be a good thing when it comes to privacy. With a BlackBerry softphone, you can make a call while having the relevant file or files up on your BlackBerry softphone so that you can conduct business as though you were in your office with the computer or paper file open in front of you.

Your BlackBerry softphone allows you to conduct business anywhere, as long as there is a wireless internet connection available. This means that your business needn’t stop whenever you decide to leave the office for a few days. Breaks are healthy, and your BlackBerry softphone allows you to take one without the guilt or stress of abandoning your business, for however short a period of time.

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