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Something of a personal rant here. (with more to follow)

I’m a Comcast customer here just outside of Pittsburgh. For the past few months Verizon has made their presence overwhelmingly known in this town by prepping for what is obviously the pre-installation for FIOS. There has been quite some talk amongst local residents too because there might finally be a way to get out from under the Comcast monopoly. Options and competition are good.

I’d not say that I’m unhappy with Comcast, yes the service costs too much and yes, they tried to charge me to install an upgrade but I’m not terribly happy with them either.

In this house we have Digital Cable, DVR and Internet Service through Comcast (phone is through Vonage).

I see commercials on the TV about Dish Network and Verizon FIOS, bragging about their bells and whistles. You’re able to log in and schedule recordings online, you can schedule recordings from your Smart Phone etc. etc.

Comcast and their Digital TV Guide haven’t changed since we signed up for it years ago.

Why is Comcast not keeping up with the competition? I’ve asked a number of times on Twitter (@ComcastCares) and received the reply “it’s coming”.

Is Comcast too big? have they gotten too comfortable, maybe complacent with their customer base? I’ve seen it happen with other companies.

I know for a fact that, around here at least, Comcast will forfeit customers to FIOS simply because of price and that it’s something new. Even the most uneducated consumer recognizes stagnant services and rising prices, especially when the competition is actively advertising like they are.

Yes, I know what Verizon support is like and where they are (and it’s not in the US). I know what Dish service is like and what the support is like (and it is in Western Pennsylvania).
I’ve had little issue with Comcast support and the service isn’t too bad. But I still want my bells and whistles. I still want service to improve along with the competition. Shouldn’t they be at least trying to keep me as a customer?



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