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HONOLULU, June 30, 2009 — Less than two weeks after the
release of Apple‘s iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3.0 update,
Honolulu-based New Hope Christian Fellowship
( has announced that it will begin
streaming its weekend worship services live to iPhone and
iPod touch users.

Live streaming to the iPhone was one of the most requested
features from church attendees, and is now possible with the
inclusion of HTTP live streaming in Apple’s iPhone 3.0
software. New Hope’s addition of live streaming to the
iPhone is significant in that it is the first non-profit
organization to offer this type of service.
"Typically, churches are years behind other organizations
when it comes to technology and innovation. We have tried to
reverse that trend and pioneer new ways to spread the Gospel
using the most current tools available," explains New Hope’s
Technology and Innovations Director, Michael Sharpe. "We
don’t mind the long hours and stress that comes with
innovating because we know that if we can come up with
something useful, it can be used by other churches around
the world."

Leveraging standards-based HTTP streaming technology, New
Hope will deliver high quality video over either a Wi-Fi
connection or other carrier network, providing for a truly
portable experience.

After successfully testing the service this past weekend
with hundreds of users, the church is now planning to offer
the live streaming video of its services to all iPhone and
iPod Touch users starting July 4th.

The church currently streams all five weekend services live
on its website for computer users and created the streaming
for the iPhone as a free service for those who may not have
access to a computer.

"We are always looking for ways that we can leverage
technology to reach people where they are at," said New
Hope’s Interactive Developer Peter Thourson, "through live
streaming video on iPhone and iPod touch, users across the
globe will be able to continue to attend church regardless
of where they are."


The live stream of New Hope’s Services will be available on
their website at beginning July 4th.
The live stream requires an iPhone or iPod touch with the
3.0 software update and an active Internet connection.

About New Hope Christian Fellowship

Started in 1995, New Hope Christian Fellowship Oahu is one
of the fastest-growing churches in the nation according to
"Outreach Magazine," with over 12,000 people in regular
attendance at 6 locations. "Outreach Magazine" also named
New Hope as one of the most influential and innovative
churches in the United States.

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