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With the 3.0 update to the Apple iPhone came a few new features. One feature works with Apple’s MobileMe suite and can actually find your phone for you… and more.

I signed up for the Trial of MobileMe just to check it all out.

After signing up and setting MobileMe up on my PC and iPhone I quickly logged in to see just how accurate the phone location would be (see graphic).

It’s pretty close. It might take me a while to actually find me phone should itimage really be lost (heaven forbid) but at least I’ll have an idea of where to look.

I’ve heard that in some areas the location can be very, very precise. I guess it depends on the GPS coverage in your area.

imageOther features in ‘Find My iPhone’ include the ability to send a message to your phone i.e “Hey, you stole me iPhone, please give it back” and make it play a sound (even if it’s silent) it’ll keep on playing too until it dies or you find it.

If your phone goes missing and you see it moving around the map there’s a last resort feature through which you can wipe the data completely from your phone and render it pretty useless.

In all I’d say that the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature is worth the $100 per year (after the 60 day trial) even if you just consider it like an insurance policy. Of course, if you keep vast amounts of highly confidential data on your phone then it would be a very, very good idea to sign up for MobileMe just for the ability to wipe your phone should you need to.




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