Select Page is certainly one of the better Elearning services on the Web. As far as I’m concerned at least. image
The idea behind is to provide users with a single, central, integrated platform for people wishing to better themselves through skill improvement and general education.

It works! When it comes to posts like this I often get to thinking what kind of a job I’d really like to be doing, and honestly, right now, I’m happy doing what I am. However, doing what I do in a completely computer oriented industry you have to study and stay ahead just to keep up with everyone else. This is why my face lit up when I saw the free courses that has included in their Personal Edition LearnCenter.
Things like, Career Development – Been there, done that, now what?, Choosing a Home Business, (different) Microsoft Office Fundamentals, Stress Management and more.
If you know me you know that in a few areas of my life I have “been there and done that” so the “Now what?” course worked for me and provided some enlightenment. Of course I like to take any fundamentals course because, even though I teach the stuff, no matter how much you think you know there’s always some little thing that pops up to surprise you.

It all aides you in keeping up and giving you the opportunity just to get ahead.

As well as the courses they have laid out already allows users to share their development and information with employers.

You can even create your own courses. If you use custom software for example, why not create a course and keep track of who has taken it?

See: Press Release

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