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“I want a job to work from home” seems to as a statement from someone who is determined. But what exactly is he/she determined to do?

Why would a person want to find a job to work from home?

1- Feeling threatened at work and wants something to fall back on.
2- Day job is not providing a good income and wants to increase it.
3- A retired person who does not want to sit around doing nothing.

These are only few examples to explain why a person would try to find a job to work from home. You can increase that list to include any other reasons that you might think of.To find a job to work from home is a wonderful solution to think of and it has its wonderful advantages. Still a question that is worth asking here, did the person who thought of this idea examine all options available.

If you want to work from home, why did you opt for a job to work from home? Why not establish your own home based business?

I am not going to list the advantages of a home based business over finding a job to work from home. All what I am trying to do here is put the option in front of you in case you have not thought of it.

Having your own business in general must have crossed your mind, but you might have ignored it because of the traditional obstacles associated with such an idea. Well I have some good news for you.

If the idea of establishing your own business appeals to you more than having just another job, then here the facts:

1- The process of finding a legitimate job to work from home is just the same as finding ideas for working at home.

2- Both can be done online

3- The excitement of having your own home based business is greater than that of having a job to work from home.

4- A job is a job whether it was online, offline, at home or in an office. There is always a financial cap. You know it is not the same when it comes to having your own business.

5- Yet a job can be more secure in terms of earnings, unlike having your own business.

6- When you apply for a job, you are using the skills that you already possess, while when establishing your own business you will always learn other skills, especially if it was an online business.

When conducting your research to find a job to work from home, I really advise you to expand your research to include establishing your own home based business. There is nothing like having your own business.

I hope that this article was helpful in successful in providing you with another option that you can think about with regard to working at home.

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