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LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz., July 9, 2009 — Retina-X Studios,
LLC, the creators of the first spy software for the iPhone,
announced today the immediate availability of Mobile Spy
version 3.0 for the Apple iPhone 3GS. No other spy software
is currently compatible with the iPhone 3GS. Users can
silently track GPS locations, SMS messages and calls of
children or employees inside a secure online control panel.

Mobile Spy runs in total stealth mode and no mentions of the
program are shown on the iPhone 3GS. The software runs in
the background behind all other applications. After the
software is set up on the phone, it silently records the
entire text of all SMS text messages, information about each
call and actual GPS positions.
Immediately after activities are logged, they are silently
uploaded to the user’s secure online account. Accounts can
be securely checked online from any web browser without
needing further access to the phone. Activity logs are
viewable in real time immediately after they are recorded
including complete texts and maps of GPS positions.

Retina-X Studios CEO James Johns states, "The popular 3GS
device can now be monitored with ease. With reports of over
one million 3GS devices sold in the first three days of
launch, this smartphone is popular. Some users have a need
to monitor activities of their child or employees. This is
only possible with Mobile Spy."

Mobile Spy user Derrick Thalem had the following to say
about the product: "Mobile Spy is a priceless piece of
software. After having some doubts about honesty, this
really helped set the record straight and confirmed my

This exclusive system helps businesses enforce their
Acceptable Use and Vehicle Policies on company-provided
phones. The software can also monitor teen or family phones.
It gives a parent the ability to remotely monitor their
child’s texting activities. As described on CNN, police also
use the software to catch child predators. Another common
use is to back up a user’s own cell activity as a record of
all important text conversations and travels.

Mobile Spy runs on all iPhone models and smartphones running
the Windows Mobile or Symbian OS operating system. This
includes Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 and 6.0 and
Symbian OS 9.x, which are available from most major mobile
carriers. The iPhone version of Mobile Spy can be found at

About Retina-X Studios: RXS designs and develops tools that
let users monitor their individual PC, network or
smartphone. Mobile Spy has been mentioned by CNN, NBC, CBS
News, BBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s
Digest and other media outlets.

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