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LONDON, July 9, 2009 — TwitterJobSearch
.com), the first real-time job
search engine, has added support for Video CVs to its
product. This enables job seekers to attach a Video CV or
even a "personal video elevator pitch" to job offers that
have been posted to Twitter with a single click. Job seekers
are looking to get an edge in their efforts to get hired and
building a video CV is now part of that process.

The new service allows individuals to quickly record a Video
CV and then attach that Video to a job that has been posted
in Twitter. By simplifying the process of creating the video
and by developing a single-click way to get that Video CV in
front of the hiring manager, they’re hoping to make facility
more widely available.
"Recruiters are now faced with the challenge of having to
quickly evaluate multiple candidates, and video can help in
these assessments," commented Bill Fischer, Co-Founder of
TwitterJobSearch. "We’re tracking and/or working with
companies in 17 countries that are using Twitter as part of
their recruitment efforts. Our products build a layer of
services on the Twitter infrastructure that connects job
seekers and employers."

TwitterJobSearch is now working with companies in Europe,
the USA, Brazil and Australia to ensure their social media
recruitment activity fits the Twitter interaction

To find out more about the Video CV service, visit

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