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One of the most wonderful things to hit the Internet has been Google Voice. Formerly known as GrandCentral, Google launched it’s “One number for free and for everything” online web suite.

Through Google Voice you can receive calls to one number and select which of your phones you’d like to take the call on.
Also, through Google Voice you can place calls. By dialing into the system you can place a call at a vastly discounted rate to most carriers (i.e a call to the Isle of Man will cost me only 2¢ per minute).  Essentially I can call the Google Voice from my iPhone and call my family while I’m on the road for next to nothing.

Needless to say, the likes of AT&T aren’t too happy about this because Google is undercutting their phone service and they’re losing money when anyone uses the service to make calls.

Also, through Google Voice users can send and receive text messages for free (yes, free and unlimited).

For this reason it is believed that Apple and ATT&T have joined to prevent the release of an official Google Voice App for the iPhone.
An official Google Voice iPhone app will give users the ability to direct dial from the app, receive calls, and more.

Does AT&T block the use of calling cards over their service? surely this is the same thing?!

C’mom guys, it’s called healthy competition. It’s economics and monopolies.

Yes, I know there is an app available, it’s unofficial and it’s called GV Mobile (there’s a free and a $3 version) but it’s always nice to have an official application for services like this, moreso with this service because, unlike other Google applications you’re at least paying for a part of this.

Should ATT&T be able to dictate this matter? Should it be illegal to block competition like this?

Remember, the application is available for the Blackberry and Andriod. It would seem that certain providers aren’t afraid of competition.

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