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You know we like to highlight lots of iPhone apps here on the TechBurgh blog. I have an iPhone and I like apps so why not, right?

Well, there’s a cool, new, little app that was recently released in the Apple app store called MyNewPlace. It’s perfect for people looking for a new place to live.

The innovative, free app seems to have everything an apartment hunting app should have.

The MyNewPlace app runs well, it’s pretty slick and uses Google Maps as it’s base for your information overlays (and we all love Google Maps).

Right there in the map window, all it takes is a tap for you to see the address of your prospective apartment and the costs involved in renting it. From there another tap gets you more information on said apartment listing.

Yes, yes, yes, I know the housing market is hard up right now, but people still need places to live and it’s often good to shop around and find somewhere cheaper.

With the MyNewPlace app you can GPS search available apartments or rentals. If you’re in an area that you particularly like just hit the button and it’ll find places available to you in that area.

There is built in Facebook Connect functionality so that you can share your new or dream apartment with your friends on Facebook.

Why MyNewPlace? well, they’re leveraging the power of one of the biggest apartment rental sites available online. At any one time there can be more than 6 million rentals available online.

(see the video below for a demo)

Check out or see MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store

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