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Author: Rob Hoekstra

The Mac Community that enormously grew up during last years, hanged together around its brand although the opening to mainstream market with the universal success of iPhone or the crossing to Intel processors. A faith multiplied with mass conversions arrived from PC world, periodically ridiculed by on the beam campaigns quickly turned into web cults.

But although it’s one of the most conversed brand of the Internet Age, Apple is not conversing at all! There are no Ceo or managers writing Biz Blogs or least of all twittering their job days. The giant, pullulating Social Thing about the crunched fruit, happens entirely and respectfully out of its closed doors.

We don’t know Anything about Apple, their products, their managers but the bare minimum and in the ways decided by Cupertino under an almost military severity. Steve Jobs, the spiritual leader, had recently a liver transplant covered by an absolute secrecy while from the headquarter they denied to the world every further communications. We’re still talking of a publicly-traded company, whose up and downs involve thousands of wallets out there.

Nevertheless, this bunker strategy also mentioned some time ago by NY Times, works great and rewards its authors with booming sells, exploding Brand Awareness and a draining out Brand Equity.

In a recent interview at Royal College of Art, Mr. Jony Ive, the prodigy designer responsible of the irresistible look of all Mac products, released a statement that perfectly tunes with that Apple anti-social philosophy. According to him, they also shrug off testing their projects through canonical marketing tools like focus groups. “We don’t do focus groups. They just ensure that you don’t offend anyone, and produce bland inoffensive products.

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