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Gmail does a rather good job of filtering SPAM Mail out of your inbox. However there are occasions when you have to check a message and report it as SPAM by clocking the ‘report SPAM’ button in your Gmail.

Well, Google has added a handy, new little feature for when you have the need to click this button. When you click ‘report SPAM’ you will soon see a dialog similar to the one below.


This gives you the option to report the message as SPAM or to unsubscribe from the email list that you somehow managed to get on. (say goodbye bacn).

If you should choose to unsubscribe, Gmail sends a request to the sender to have you taken off the list.

According to Google there are only some senders who support the auto-unsubscribe but before long I think more and more will hop on the bandwagon.


More at the Official Gmail Blog 

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