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WOLVERHAMPTON, England, July 28, 2009 — The popularity of
cloud storage is anything but up in the air, as more and
more businesses and consumers ground themselves in this data
accessing, management and editing strategy. Toffa
International’s ( cloud storage
application, GooSync, provides synchronization between
Google’s widely used Google Calendar and mobile devices such
as mobile phones and PDAs. Recent updates to the
market-leading software include upgraded infrastructure, a
new helpdesk feature and enhanced scalability.

GooSync ties in with personal management systems that are a
natural component of today’s mobile phones and PDAs,
extending Google calendar to your mobile device, which is
only accessible via a mobile phone’s Web browser. GooSync is
designed to deliver a seamless service, regardless of
whether someone chooses the basic, free option or the
premium account’s more expanded features.
“With GooSync, Toffa International’s goal is to provide
everyone with something that is free and simple to use, and
we’ve also set up a premium option that delivers access to
many more features,” says Chris Jukes, CEO of Toffa and
GooSync. “So while GooSync’s basic service enables you to
sync the default Google Calendar, our premium account lets
you sync multiple calendars, contacts directly with Gmail,
and tasks to the GooSync inbuilt tasks application. Autosync
and multiple device support are just some of the numerous
features supported through GooSync.”

Setting up a GooSync account is easy through the official
GooSync website: GooSync works on
any device that is SyncML compliant, including the most
recent Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones. It is also
compatible with Windows Pocket PC, Windows SmartPhone, Palm
OS, Treo, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone by installing a SyncML
client. With a commitment to ensuring privacy and making the
GooSync experience as safe as possible, Toffa International
protects all personal information by incorporating industry
standard, data encryption and secure storage. In the event
of losing or damaging a device, all data can be restored.

“A secure, hassle-free experience is key to the success of
GooSync, plus the fact that it’s applicable to everyone,
from the casual user to power user,” Jukes says. “With the
service based on the SyncML data protocol, most phones will
have no problem incorporating either the basic or premium

GooSync’s website provides a list of all supported phones,
plus details on both the basic and premium services. For
more information, go to Visit the
newly launched GooSync blog at

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