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PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 28, 2009 — ForensicSoft, a growing
provider of digital forensic software and services, is proud
to announce the formal approval and selection of its
products by the Nottinghamshire Police, of Nottinghamshire,
England. ForensicSoft’s products, which increase the speed
and effectiveness of digital forensic investigations, are
rapidly gaining popularity among digital forensic and
security professionals worldwide. “Nottinghamshire Police
has one of England’s most advanced computer forensics law
enforcement programs and we are proud to have them select
ForensicSoft for use within their cyber crime program,” said
John DiPippo, ForensicSoft’s President. This selection by
Nottinghamshire Police marks the first law enforcement
agency in England to embrace the latest digital forensic
technology from ForensicSoft.

ForensicSoft’s SAFE product is the world’s first
write-blocked Windows forensic boot environment. SAFE
(System Acquisition Forensic Environment) is an ideal
software tool for first responders and other computer
forensic professionals seeking a quick, easy, forensically
sound Windows-based operating system from which to conduct
digital forensic investigations. Employing ForensicSoft’s
proprietary SAFE Block technology to block all disks at the
physical level, SAFE is the only Windows-based boot
environment to ensure a forensically sound preview,
exploration and capture of the digital evidence. SAFE
employs Microsoft Windows PE (a fully licensed copy is
included) and is capable of running your favorite
Windows-based forensic tools such as FTK, EnCase, X-Ways,
and many more. With SAFE’s use of Windows, and the rapid and
consistent availability of Windows-based device drivers, the
forensic market has been long awaiting such a product.

“Like most Law Enforcement Digital Forensics Units, we are
constantly looking for ways to streamline our procedures
without sacrificing quality of work. SAFE has allowed us to
do exactly that, and provides our unit with a great deal of
flexibility by offering an easy-to-use and forensically
sound platform to run our preferred tools from,” said Chris
Tappin of Nottinghamshire Police. One of the key advantages
of the ForensicSoft product is the speed at which it
captures digital evidence as compared to alternative
hardware solutions. “Whilst we still image straightforward
cases with hardware write blockers, we are seeing more and
more devices with storage that is difficult or impossible to
access. I can see our use of SAFE increase in correlation
with the increase in netbook and sub-notebook submissions.
SAFE allows us to avoid time-consuming disassembly whilst
continuing to use our preferred imaging and analysis
software. Benefits obviously vary case by case, but on the
most troublesome hardware SAFE could save us several hours
with a screwdriver.”

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