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Huh, it would seem that ‘Mobily’ isn’t really a word.  Anywho.

I like analytics, I really do. I guess it’s my way of trying to figure out what people are doing and thinking.

I receive analytics reports for a number of blogs daily. One of my main analytical focuses is this, the TechBurgh Blog.

Yes, I do like to see a steady incline in visits etc. but what I’ve found interesting recently is that I have a steady, regular number of visits and visitors from people browsing on their iPhone.

imageIt’s only a small percentage of the  total number of visits but it still counts.

Though I have one myself I don’t particularly gear the blog to a mobile audience. The Wp-Touch plugin takes care of all that for me. image

It did get me to thinking though.

  • Who exactly is looking at my site on their iPhone?
  • Is it up to par? (well, I guess it must be if they keep coming back). 
  • Why browse mobily?

Is it you? are you reading this on your iPhone? please tell me why!


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