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Bluetooth technology in general was originally intended for wider application than its current general use of voice transmission. There are many different headphone styles to choose from, and good Bluetooth headset reviews will typically address the style of a particular headset, and it’s advantages and disadvantages. Once you have read a series of cordless phone reviews including those specifically that are DECT cordless phone reviews, you’ll soon see clearly how well your home phone can co-exist with Bluetooth technology.

Ear cradle headphones are a popular style, in fact, the primary style for Bluetooth headset devices with a functionality of answering and making calls in conjunction with a cell phone. The advantage here is really the ability to move freely, even dramatically, while chatting on your cell. The Bluetooth headset device is meant to stay secure in the ear, and also have a way to adjust various controls like answer/disconnect and volume. Bluetooth headset reviews should address how well an ear cradle design lives up to the expectations associated with it. Does it stay securely in the ear? Can you run at a good clip while also hearing voices clearly via the headset?

DJ “over the ear” Bluetooth headphones are also available for those in the market. This style is tailor made for the audiophile who wants to utilize Bluetooth technology. The advantages of this headphone style is both superior sound quality and long battery life. The over the ear styling buffers out ambient sounds, which allows the user to be completely enveloped in the sound. When you pair these powerful features with wireless functionality, you enjoy top quality sound and convenience. Bluetooth headset reviews will likely be rather in-depth for this kind of headset. Audiophiles want to know all the technical specifications, as well as the real life user experience.

The third style available is the familiar ear bud headphone style. iPod popularized the ear bud, and Bluetooth users can benefit from the style. There isn’t a huge difference between the ear bud and the ear cradle. Ear buds are great for exercise and low hassle use. Users will find that, depending on the context of use, they can fall out of the ear rather easily.

With a basic understanding of the different styles of Bluetooth headsets available, it’s possible to begin to narrow and refine your choices. Taking into account which style matches your type of need is the first step in choosing a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset reviews will be invaluable in identifying which headsets meet your expectations for quality and performance. Take the time to read a few, and you’re sure to find the one that is right for you.

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