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Most consumers have at least one cordless phone at home. It is based on convenience. You can have a conversation any where in or out of your home with out having to stay by the phone outlet.

There are many brands out there but few are worth your money. Acording to some cordless phone reviews, Panasonic cordless phones and Uniden cordless phones are among the top. Most cordless phones come with caller id but the features vary.

From personal experience I have purchased both the Panasonic and the Uniden cordless phones. The clarity on both phones are very crisp and with no evidence of static. The range of operation varies by phone model and manufacturer. Some phones do not have a long range from the hand set to the base but if you live in a small apartment or a small house, why would you pay for a feature you dont really need. The battery use duration on the phones is another important feature. If you talk on the phone for a long time then a long lasting battery is very helpful because they tend to take a while to recharge completely.

The Uniden cell phone is more affordable than the Panasonic. Some of the Uniden models are just under $30. These phones are solid, but not particularly flashy and provide you with one or even two sets of phones with the basic features. These might include caller id, speed dial, and speaker. Think about your needs before choosing a phone. This way you get your moneys worth.

The Uniden has given me my moneys worth but the Panasonic cordless phone in my personal experience has given me more for my money. It is more expensive than the Uniden, but it has lasted for many years. I’ve been very hard on the phone and it’s stood up to it all.

Before you buy, have in mind what it is that you are looking for and what it is that you need. Whether its looks, quality or features you are looking for, at least these two brands will give you all three with a varied price range from very affordable to some what pricey. While there are quite a few manufacturers out there, but these brands are the ones I’ve had personal experience with and they have stood up to the test. Don’t forget to check out prices on line and your local sales before you buy. No one ever said you had to buy at retail.

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