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You don’t touch me like you used to. You don’t gently caress my keys, you don’t gingerly glide your fingers on my touch pad, you don’t take a damp cloth to my case, you don’t even gingerly slide me into my cover any more!

I’m hauled instead of carried, hammered not pressed, abused not used.

I’m still a key to your everything online? Heck I go on more coffee shop ‘dates’ with you than you’d care to admit.
I’ve been a part of your most intimate emails, instant messages and tweets.
I’ve seen those web sites that you go to.

Yes, I do things a little slower now than I used to.
I have seen you gazing across the room at that younger, more slender model.
The scratches and scuff marks just show that I’m loved (or was) and have been well used.
I’d like to look better, it’s not easy though! I’d like sleek corners instead of curves. I’d like to be ‘designer’ instead of just wearing a label. I’d like to be dark and broody or bright and vibrant instead of… grey.

Sure, some things aren’t as sensitive as they once were but that’s because of all the junk food you subjected me to. Crumbs.

I hope you guessed already that I’m referring to your laptop and these aren’t just crazy kind of weird metaphors.

Do you remember how you treated your Laptop when you first got it?

It makes you think though, doesn’t it? Is it time to upgrade that laptop?
Why not check out the new HP HDX 16t notebooks? (it’s what I’d want to look and act like if I were a laptop).

Also, because you read this post (and hopefully had a chuckle in there somewhere) you get a special deal:

Get $500 off instantly when you purchase an HP HDX 16t with $300 coupon code NBN3248 + $200 Instant Rebate.
Valid through 8/23 or while supplies last. (Restrictions and exclusions apply.)

See the range here

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Author: Andy Quayle

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