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I stumbled across a text that contains a page on which a day planner for Benjamin Franklin’s day is printed.

It’s really quite interesting.

Benjamin Franklin is known for inventing bifocal glasses, the lightning rod, the urinary catheter and much more.

However, he spent just (‘just’ is relative) 8 hours per day dedicating himself to his work. franklinschedule

7 hours (between 10 and 4) were to sleep

4 hours for cleaning up and hanging out. “Put things in their places”.

2 hours for reading or accounting.

What I found most intriguing of all are the questions that Mr. Franklin asked himself at the beginning and end of each day. These questions meant so much that they were a part of his daily schedule.

“What Good shall I do today?

“What good have I done today?”

Wouldn’t the World be a better place if some of us asked ourselves that even once in a while?

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