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Here’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone (or put it on a blog for the World to see?!)

This is for anyone who makes a few bucks with Google Adsense on their site or blog.

Google, when it scans your site and it’s pages to pick which ads are relevant to display, it’ scans the entire page, content, links, blogroll, archives, recent posts etc. etc. because there is sometimes a lot on a page that isn’t really relative to the page content sometimes the ads aren’t terribly relative.

If ads aren’t relative your readers aren’t interested in them because they’re not pertinent to them and they don’t click them. Right?

Well, Google has a handy little trick here. It’s just a short piece of code that goes at the beginning and end of each post. This code tells Google where exactly the content is on a page and pretty much strong-arms Adsense to look more specifically at that and base it’s ads on it.

Use it and you’ll see an improvement in ad relevance almost immediately.

Here’s the code:

Put this in your HTML at the beginning of your post:


Put this in the HTML at the very end of your post:


Like I said, those two little snippets tell Google what’s pertinent on the Page.

You might consider it an early version of custom RDFa

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