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Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL Mail have been doing it for years and at long last Google has made that ‘To’ word clickable.

Google enabled the ‘contact chooser‘ function in Gmail this week.

You can now compose a message and click the word ‘To’ next to your To box and check the names of the people you’d like to send your message to. The same works for the CC and BCC.

In my opinion this is frikking awesome! Google’s way of composing messages to certain contacts has always been a little too custom and somewhat backward.

There’s a drop down menu for those email addresses you contact the most and of course a search box so that you can search for your desired name.

Yes, you can select to send to groups too.

For someone who relies on their central Google Contact list as much as I do, this really is a great feature.

Don’t forget, the Google Contact function is more than an email address book, you can use it for Phone Contacts, contact addresses, contact email (of course), contact birthdays, and a lot more.

Official Gmail Blog: Composing a message? Try the contact chooser.

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