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(ARA) – Ready to pack away your beach chair for a cozy nook next to the fireplace? Use autumn’s brisk and breezy days to conquer deep-cleaning chores for a clean and comfortable winter home.

“Mr. Fix It” Lou Manfredini, national home improvement expert and host of the nationally syndicated television and radio show “HouseSmarts,” knows that fall cleaning is not just about fluffing pillows and dusting bookshelves. It is power cleaning areas you don’t regularly clean throughout the year, eliminating ground-in dirt, tough stains and hidden bacteria. Power cleaning can save you money year round – allowing your home to work more efficiently. And, it can be good for the environment.

CLR is one of the most powerful formulas available for dissolving tough calcium, lime and rust quickly and easily,” says Manfredini. “CLR uses all-natural ingredients that are safe and gentle enough to use every day, yet effective in getting the job done.”

Check out some of Manfredini’s favorite cleaning tips for in and outside your home, offering money-saving efficiencies and green cleaning power.

  • Kitchens and bathrooms are perhaps the two most difficult rooms in your home to keep clean. After time, tiles dull, soap scum builds and appliances take on a worn-out, dirty look. Give these important areas in your home some extra TLC with environmentally friendly CLR Bathroom and Kitchen cleaner.  It wipes away soap scum and everyday grime from faucets, shower heads, ceramic tile, grout and appliance surfaces. CLR Bathroom and Kitchen uses all-natural ingredients that are powerful enough for your deep cleaning needs, yet safe and gentle enough to use every day.
  • Have your ducts professionally cleaned once a year. It will help make your home’s heater run more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly bills.
  • De-clutter the core of your home. Remove boxes, tools and other household storage items from the space around your furnace, water heater and other core areas. And while you’re at it, lower your water heater’s temperature from the typical 140 degrees to 120 degrees. This slight change could save you more than 10 percent of your total energy usage.
  • Keep your water pipes flowing efficiently and economically all winter long with CLR Power Plumber. This environmentally safe product unclogs hair, grease and soap build-up in drains in seconds. It works on sinks, toilets, bathtubs, garbage disposals and floor drains.
  • A thorough window cleaning each season will remove heavy-duty dirt and grime. Use a micro fiber cleaning cloth to clean your windows. It leaves windows smear and streak free, inside and out, using warm water only (instead of a window spray cleaner) – saving you time, money and the use of paper towels. It’s also a good time to check the weather stripping and seals of your windows to make sure no repairs are needed.
  • Clean and store patio furniture. Use a powerful cleaner specifically designed for outdoor furniture, such as CLR Outdoor Furniture cleaner, to keep it looking new year after year.

  • Clean and repair all gutters and downspouts. You’ll need gloves, a bucket or plastic bags, and a hose. Gutters are fraught with sharp edges and no place for unprotected hands. Use rubber gloves and keep a bucket nearby instead of tossing the muck over the side of the gutter to the ground below. It helps keep the periphery of the house tidy. Once the gutter is reasonably clean, use the hose to flush out the last of the debris. Look for leaks or holes that need repair and note their location. Cut back any trees or vegetation that comes in contact with the roof of your home to help maintain the gutters.

  • Reorganize your garage. Before diving in, look around at all the items you have. Develop categories for those items and then sort your goods into those categories. Examples of categories include car care, lawn care, household storage, seasonal storage, sporting equipment and tools. When putting your goods back into the garage, place similar items near each other and label the location for each category so it’s easy to find what you need when you need it.

  • Look for the DfE (Design for the Environment) designation to recognize cleaning products that help protect the environment and are safe for your family.

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