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Personally, I don’t have the patience to play the number game Sudoku. Too much writing, rewriting, erasing and generally thinking for my liking.

Well, as Apple likes to say “there’s an app for that!”

sudoku_grabThe Sudoku Grab iPhone App makes any game of Sudoku really easy 🙂

There are two versions of Sudoku Grab in the app store, a ‘lite’ one which is the free app and a 99 cent version.

Of course the paid version has a few more features than the free version but here are the essentials.

It’s pretty much a Sudoku Solver on your iPhone.

You take a picture of the printed Sudoku puzzle with it’s standing numbers in place.
The app analyzes the picture and the puzzle and fills in the numbers for you!

You do have the option of playing the game on your iPhone once you’ve taken the picture but where’s the fun in that?

It’s really quite simple. I can finally beat my father playing Sudoku!

Do download the app just search the app store for Sudoku Grab

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