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Facebook has brought a few new widgets online too so that you can spread your facebook profile and presence everywhere across the web. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook Social Networking Badges.

Just a refresher, in case you needed it. There is an Official Facebook Badges page/generator.

Just click here and log in to create different styles of badges.

To embed Facebook badges in your blog, myspace, site etc. just copy the code and paste it wherever you need it.

With photo badges you can embed your Facebook photos in a nice little horizontal or vertical box.
Photo Badges are here
Facebook fan boxes allow you to place a (rather large) box on your site that gives readers one-click access to join your site and see what’s happening on your Facebook fan page as well as view how many other fans you have.
Get yours here
Facebook live streams give you a widget to show, in real time, updates related to your Facebook.
See it here
Page badges just creates a small embeddable badge that displays your page and it’s stats to promote it on your blog or site.

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