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MALVERN, Pa., August 13, 2009 — AnySource Media, LLC,
creator of the Connected HDTV Platform(TM) allowing
consumers to easily watch 100s of “virtual” on-demand
channels “out of the box” in new HDTVs being introduced this
year, today announced Graspr and Viddler as new content
partners. The Connected HDTV Platform creates an additional
business opportunity for all professional content, from
instructional video networks to communities and general

“Viddler simplifies the challenges content owners face in
hosting, distributing and monetizing their video, and that
brings us to our partnership with AnySource,” states Rob
Sandie, President of Viddler. “The Connected TV Platform
offers our customers greater exposure by bringing their
Web-based shows to the TV set.”

“Beyond developing, editing and sharing high-quality videos
covering every topic imaginable, the business opportunity in
video communications is significant,” states Doug Vogel,
Director, Content Business Development, AnySource Media.
“The market has reached a pivotal point and revenues from
subscribers, advertisers and syndication agreements will be
positively impacted by Connected TV.”
In addition to driving incremental traffic to websites or
hosted videos, content owners like the ease of working with
AnySource Media. AnySource provides a turn-key connected TV
solution embedded directly in HDTVs that requires no
expenditure of content partner engineering resources for
integration. It also preserves content provider business
models, whether ad-supported or paid.

“The market for online instructional videos is growing
rapidly and therefore brand awareness is the key to
success,” says Teresa Phillips, CEO, Graspr. “Incorporating
the AnySource Media Connected TV platform into our
distribution strategy puts us at a tremendous advantage over
our competition and emphasizes the future of video across
multiple screens.”

To schedule an exclusive preview of the Connected HDTV demo,
please contact AnySource by visiting
or call
610-422-2805, ext. 218.

About AnySource Media

AnySource Media is the creator of Internet Video
Navigator(TM), a part of the Connected HDTV Platform(TM),
which allows the television set to be directly connected to
the Internet. Consumers will be able to navigate and play
videos from hundreds of existing web sites all through a
standard TV remote control. The Philadelphia-based company
produces software that is embedded directly into HDTVs and
other consumer electronics devices with a data center
back-end to support easy and fast TV navigation and
e-commerce transactions, as well as content and data
aggregation deals for consumer electronic devices. For more
information, please visit

About Viddler:

Viddler is an interactive online video platform for
uploading, sharing, enhancing, tagging, commenting on, and
forming groups around videos. While Viddler provides a free
service for non-commercial users, the paid Viddler business
service includes support, a customizable player, the ability
to create a private community, detailed analytics, priority
encoding, HD encoding, iTunes support, control over
advertising and full branding.

The company, headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, was founded in
November 2005 by Robert Sandie, President, and Donna
DeMarco, Vice President. Viddler may be found at

About Graspr:

With over 25,000 high-quality videos from producers and
experts across major lifestyle markets, Graspr is the
world’s leading instructional video network. Graspr is the
only site where learners, users, and creators of videos can
edit, watch, collaborate on, and syndicate to make money
from instructional videos.

Graspr is a privately held company based in Mountain View,
California and can be found at: .
Graspr was launched in September 2007 by Teresa Phillips, a
former executive at both Yahoo and Time Warner. Teresa
founded Graspr to enable people to discover the answers they
seek from either experts or from those who have shared a
similar experience. Through the broad reach of the Internet,
and more specifically the power of video, people all over
the world are able to share their wealth of knowledge more
freely through Graspr.

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