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SAN DIEGO, Aug. 18, 2009 — A pioneering new feature on the
iBoss Enterprise Web Filter now makes the industry-leading
web-filtering device the only one on the market to offer the
ability to record, monitor and control user desktops. The
patent-pending Desktop Monitor Control and Record (DMCR)
function not only takes the guesswork out of confronting
Internet-use policy violators at large companies and
educational institutions, but potentially reduces overhead
by providing more efficient remote desktop control.

Confronting Internet policy violators without hard evidence
can be a minefield for school officials, corporate
administrators and HR staff, possibly leading to cause for a
lawsuit. Just an unintentional click on an online ad, pop
up, or prohibited application, or even a mistyped URL, can
potentially give rise to a wrongful accusation against an
innocent employee or student.
The iBoss Enterprise’s automatic DMCR feature helps
businesses and schools avoid this problem by allowing
administrators to set policy-violation thresholds in the
iBoss Web Filter that will trigger a recording of a user’s
desktop if and when these thresholds are crossed. For
example, a threshold can be set so if “5” attempts to access
an “adult” Web site are attempted within a “2 minute”
period, the user’s desktop will be recorded for “3 minutes”
to confirm the inappropriate activity. Thresholds can also
be set for other Internet categories or applications such as
chat, file sharing and downloading.

With this unique auto-record function, the iBoss Enterprise
is the only Web-filtering appliance available that allows
businesses and schools this level of control over their
network, while providing the necessary documentation when
Internet-use violations do occur. In addition, the DMRC’s
monitor function enables administrators to watch and control
user desktops live remotely, potentially reducing overhead
costs. Already offering a comprehensive solution for SMB and
large networks, the iBoss Enterprise also incorporates an
easy-to-navigate graphical user interface, robust Internet
traffic controls, a total network traffic analyzer and a
live, real-time database feed to ensure the most accurate
filtering possible.

“Phantom Technologies’ DMCR feature is just one of many new
Web-filtering innovations we are proud to release in 2009.
As we continue pushing the envelope to make the iBoss line
of Web Filters the most advanced in the industry, the DMCR
demonstrates our commitment to offering the most powerful
tools for businesses to protect themselves,” says Peter
Martini, COO of Phantom Technologies.

Phantom Technologies’ iBoss Web Filters offer software-free
appliance based Web-filtering solutions for the home, small
business and corporate environment. Designed in the U.S.
using proprietary engineering, the iBoss is the most
advanced, easy-to-use Web filter available on the market
today. Over 100,000 users around the globe enjoy the
superior protection of iBoss filtering technology.

The iBoss Enterprise can be purchased directly from Phantom
Technologies at or one of its

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