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Aglets are actually remarkably important. They assist us all in our daily lives. If you’re reading this I’m sure you have at least two… somewhere.

It’s one of those words that is so easily learned and when you hear it you let out an “oh yeah” or simply a “huh” but it so easily slips your mind when you try to think of it again.

I was recently reminded of the word while watching Saturday morning cartoons – one of my current favorites, Phineas and Ferb, had a whole episode dedicated to the aglet (aglet song video below).

The official definition of an aglet is that it is a small plastic or metal sheath found on each end of a shoelace.

The aglet prevents the shoelace from unraveling and makes it easier to thread through holes in shoes etc.

Now you know!

There’s not a lot of information regarding the history of the aglet.
The word had French and Latin derivatives from Latin for Needle, “aiguilee”.

It’s funny, you don’t normally notice them when they’re all well and working right but should one wear away of fall off it can make life rather difficult when you go to put your shoes on.

Ian’s Shoelace site has some great measures on how to repair aglet’s and other shoelace ‘tips’ (pun intended) and tricks.

More information in Wikipedia | Ian’s Shoelace Site

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