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I love it when Google ties things together!

I was hoping Google would do this. And they did. I’m rather excited.

Google has added a couple of awesome new calendar features to your Google Calendar.  You can now add sports team schedules and your contact Birthdays to your Google Calendar.

Just hit the add under other calendars and click on browse interesting calendars, there’s a sports tab and more tab.

Yes, I added the Pittsburgh Steeler schedule to my Google Calendar – it pops up with a nice little football next to the event.

Sports listed are, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer. To the best of my knowledge all of the major and lesser leagues are listed under each.

Best of all you can add your contacts’ birthdays into your calendar. (why else would they ask for the data in your contact card, right?). Google pulls the data from your Google Contacts and the data you have in your individual cards to populate your Birthdays for you.

Update your contacts – never miss a birthday or football game again.


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