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How do you react to your TV? We all react to different shows that we watch on TV in different ways, some cry, some get up and dance, some scream and shout, there’s shock, there’s anger, shock and a multitude of other reactions and emotions.

Television has become such a part of every day lives, TV viewers become so absorbed, so ensconced in the show that we tend to forget ourselves and react maybe how we normally wouldn’t.

Maybe you should be careful how you watch your television though. Television shows are a lot more graphic now than they ever have been and because it’s real and documenting real life the news and reality television shows can show you things that you hopefully wouldn’t imagine seeing in your lifetime.
Unlike movies, dramas and fictional television you tend to react differently to real television like truTV. You could say that the effects are…. actual.

While videos can shock and amaze it is human nature to want to know what happens next. To a point it’s natural to need to see the outcome of what is being shown to you.

Take the following truTV video for example. How do you react to it? Drop a comment, let me know.

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Author: Andy Quayle

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