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CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 14, 2009 — According to a survey
released today by the Harvard School of Public Health, only
a third of businesses said they could avoid severe
operational problems if half of their workforce stayed home
for two weeks because of H1N1 swine flu. Disease trackers
expect flu cases to rise in the fall.

Marv Toyer, President of, a Carlsbad, CA provider
of web-based remote access tools is offering affected
businesses a free two-week trial of any of its remote access
products. “With the eBLVD Remote Desktop tool, employees
staying home due to sickness or caring for a family member
can now access their work PC desktop via the Internet as if
they were sitting in front of it,” said Toyer. “Employees
can retrieve their email, documents and company resources
securely and trouble-free.”

The U.S. Federal Government‘s National Strategy for Pandemic
Influenza Implementation Plan recently highlighted the
significant advantages of using telecommunications and
broadband connectivity-related solutions to continue working
remotely and avoid physical proximity, and therefore slow
down any disease spread. Businesses need to start planning
to adjust their operations to counter greater absenteeism
and to slow the spread of H1N1 in the workplace.

Detailed information is available on eBLVD’s Web site at


Founded in 2001, eBLVD is a privately held pioneer of simple
and affordable web-based solutions resulting in efficient
and cost-effective ways to meet, train, sell, support and
market to remote customers, partners and employees.
Harnessing the power of eBLVD, you can conduct real-time
presentations, record it for later unattended broadcast, or
pre-qualify participants via a customized registration site
to maximize efficiency and close deals quickly.

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