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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Sept. 14, 2009 — The infamous iPorn
horse and carriage from the Apple WWDC may be coming out of
its barn once again! iPorn intends to send at least 5 iPorn
girls to the Apple executive board room for a powwow. The
visit with Apple is being coordinated and is expected to
take place in the next few weeks. Due to the honed
negotiating skills of the iPorn Girls the company fully
expects Apple will be convinced of how mutually beneficial a
partnership with iPorn could be. A person very familiar with
the matter said Apple execs are likely to respond favorably
to the iPorn girls’ high level of motivation and willingness
to bend over backwards in order to close a deal.

Currently the iPorn mobile application is available only by
visiting iPorn from your mobile phone (at iPorn dot com).
Photos of the iPorn Girls can also be found on the iPorn
mobile site as well as on the iPorn PC/Mac website. Both
iPorn and its customers believe that having to open the
safari browser on the iPhone in order to visit the iPorn
website is too much of a hassle. An app that is accessible
only to adults would be much more effective and safe. The
whole world is waiting for Apple to stop controlling the
type of applications its users are allowed to access. The
approval of the iPorn iPhone app would be Apple’s first step
in the right direction – NO MORE CENSORSHIP!
PHOTOS of the iPorn’s last trip to visit Apple can be found
at (web resolution) and
(high resolution). For more
information contact iPorn at 323.330-6480 or via email at
info (at)

iPorn is a portfolio company of adult industry investment
company AdultVest, Inc., Institutional Investor Magazine’s
2008 Hedge Fund Launch of The Year.  For more information on
AdultVest, please visit

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