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GRANGER, Ind., Sept. 16, 2009 — Generation Y has arrived at
work. They are smart, visionary and independent. They carry
their social networks to work, visit their Facebook pages
several times a day and collaborate to get their work done.
They are motivated by an open culture that lets them speak
their minds, challenge status quo, and one that rewards
out-of-the-box thinking. The old methods of talent
acquisition won’t work – this generation will make you
rethink your entire business model. Companies that rapidly
adapt and start speaking their language will gain
significant competitive advantage by attracting and hiring
top Gen-Y talent. Larger companies are deploying an army of
social media consultants to devise strategies to engage with
this workforce, while small and medium-sized companies are
left behind in the race due to lack of resources and funds.
Not Anymore!
Thanks to ), a new breed
of talent acquisition tools, small and medium businesses now
get a strong helping hand. Among other revolutionary
products, Mylatch has developed a unique product called
brandPRO that is designed to attract, engage, nurture,
evaluate and hire Gen-Y professionals using employers’
branded career sites.

The Mylatch team will custom design an employer’s branded
career site, host and maintain the site, and seamlessly
integrate it into the company’s website. The brandPRO module
features tools that allow a career site visitor to become
immediately engaged by discovering insider connections to
the company from their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
networks. They can search and apply for jobs using their
LinkedIn or Mylatch’s Web-based Resume (WEBCV). And those
that don’t find the jobs they like leave their footprint by
signing up to the company’s talent pool using Facebook and
LinkedIn. This quickly builds a talent pool that the
employer can now search, engage with and even send targeted
job invitations to. Other revolutionary Mylatch products
include a branded referral-recruiting module on Facebook
that can engage all employees, a fully integrated ATS-lite
and a rich set of virtual and live video interview tools
that allow employers to quickly gain tremendous insights
about candidates before investing significant amounts of
time in them.

“In a small company environment where the HR department is
only a few people and resources are limited, it is
unrealistic to expect the HR team to research and execute
social recruiting strategies,” says Pratik Roychoudhury,’s founder/CEO. “Mylatch puts social recruiting
on an auto-pilot and becomes a natural extension of the HR
team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.”

About recently beta launched a unique platform that
connects job seekers and employers, leveraging Branding,
Video Technologies and Social Networks. Beta pricing is in
effect for employers, featuring deep discounts and a 100%
money-back guarantee.

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