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MONTROSE, Colo., Sept. 10, 2009 — If you want to compute
the national debt, you can’t use just any calculator. It now
takes 16 digits to calculate just what we owe as a nation,
making virtually every other calculator you’ve ever used
obsolete. And Friday’s Monthly Treasury Statement will
almost certainly add to the bad news.

But Colorado entrepreneur Matt Miles has developed Big Red
The Official Calculator of the National Debt, with the 16
digits needed to compute the debt. Big Red is on shelves now
at .com and Amazon, so people can
actually see for themselves how big the debt is, and so they
can make a point with friends and family.

“I originally developed Big Red as a stocking stuffer
present for my friends and family, but I had to order many
more than I needed, so I decided to put the extras up for
sale,” Miles said. “We’re already seeing lots of interest,
so I’m ordering more.”
Big Red – The Official Calculator of the National Debt not
only has great features like tax calculation, mark-up and
replay – in addition to its 16-digit display – but it also
makes a great gift for that friend, family member or
government official who needs to wake up to just how huge
the national debt is.

Each day, to keep the debt in mind, your friend can add an
additional $2.4 billion to the debt, reminding them just how
much deeper we’ve gotten into debt since the day before. If
that doesn’t jump them into action and change minds, it’s
hard to believe anything will.

At $12.99, Big Red – The Official Calculator of the National
Debt is available online at .com
or through Amazon.

About Big Red – The Official Calculator of the National Debt

Big Red is the brainchild of Matt Miles of Montrose, Colo.,
owner of Columbia Technologies LLC. Sales and service are
located in Appleton, WI. Big Red(TM) is a trademark of
Columbia Technologies, LLC.

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