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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 23, 2009 —, one of the leading insurance
comparison sites, is pleased to introduce its new iPhone
application LifeValue. LifeValue is a free iPhone
application that helps people answer the at-times confusing
question: What is the value of their life? LifeValue
calculates the financial value of one’s life and leaves the
philosophical questions to be answered by philosophers.

Knowing the financial value of one’s life is important,
especially when shopping for life insurance. LifeValue can
help anyone who’s ever wondered about how much life
insurance they need to buy. Consumers who are interested in
calculating their life insurance needs without the
assistance of an agent can simply input their information
into the application. The LifeValue application will give
suggestions on how much life insurance the consumer may want
to consider purchasing.
LifeValue also serves as a quote finder that can be used
right on the iPhone. If a consumer wants to compare life
insurance rates from a variety of competitors, they can use
the quote search function and receive unbiased, customized
life insurance quotes in no time.

Key Features of LifeValue

— Find out how much life insurance coverage you really need
— Lets users input their information one time to compare
rates for life insurance
— Compare rates for up to three different life insurance
companies almost instantly
— Bonus feature also finds quotes for annuities and auto,
health, business, renters, cancer, burial, home, long-term
care, and disability insurance quotes

To download the application for free, copy and paste this

LifeValue Application Webpage:

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