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Starbucks is finally getting into the Mobile App space.

Since apps began there have been dedicated Starbucks store finders or Starbucks store finders built into other social location apps but it took the premium coffee company until now to develop their own, official apps.

The Starbucks Card Mobile app is essentially an app through which you can manage your Starbucks card balances and more.

With the app you can check your balance (I found that I still have nearly $5 on my Gold Card that I didn’t know about!), check your rewards, and interestingly pay for your drinks in selected stores.

It’s not quite m-commerce but what happens is, a barcode appears on your phone and they scan it in the store to process payment.  Phone payment is only available in Seattle and Silicon Valley right now, I hope it is adopted across the country though.

Find it in the app store here

Read more on the Starbucks site here

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