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Starbucks is finally getting into the Mobile App space. image

Since apps began there have been dedicated Starbucks store finders or Starbucks store finders built into other social location apps but it took the premium coffee company until now to develop their own, official apps.

The MyStarbucks app lets you search stores, customize your drinks, learn about coffee and share your drinks via email, SMS or directly to other iPhones or iPod touches.

Add stores (via GPS geolocation, zip, city, address etc) to your favorite stores.
Add coffee and food for quick reference.

Build a drink and save it to your app, share it, check how many calories are in it, share it. I guess you could show it to your friendly Starbucks Barista too?

Get fod information too – more and more Starbucks are serving up different kinds of hot and cold foods. Check and see what foods your local Starbucks is serving up and what’s in it.

Find it in the app store here

Read more on the Starbucks site here

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