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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sep 22, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Yahoo!Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO) is asserting its place at the center of people’s online lives. The company announced today that it has realigned all aspects of its business around simplifying and enhancing the Web experience for people throughout the world. To underscore its commitment, Yahoo! is launching a global brand campaign to celebrate its connection with people and communicate core product enhancements.

“Today the Web and your world are inseparable,” said Yahoo!Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz. “Hundreds of millions of people use Yahoo! (R) to get the information they need, connect with friends and family, and be entertained. We are about creating online experiences people find meaningful, relevant, and fun.”

Global Brand Campaign Is All About “Y!ou”

The brand campaign will launch on September 28 in the United States and October 5 in the United Kingdom and India, and extend into 2010. It will reach major and emerging markets worldwide, including Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan.

“Our vision is to be at the center of people’s online lives–to be at the place where their world meets the larger world,” said Elisa Steele, Yahoo! executive vice president and chief marketing officer, speaking at the IAB MIXX Conference and Expo in New York City. “Our new branding will focus on people–the power and promise of ‘you.'”

“This is much more than an advertising campaign,” added Steele. “It’s about how Yahoo! delivers its promise to the market in everything we do. Our brand strategy shows our commitment to delivering personally relevant online experiences.”

Extensive consumer research led to Yahoo!’s brand campaign. Input from millions of Yahoo! users all over the globe emphasized the importance of simplification and personal relevance.

Product Enhancements Deliver “Wow” Experiences

The last two months have brought major changes to Yahoo!’s core products. For example:

  • Yahoo!’s homepage allows people to access their favorite content and sites on any screen from a single Web location.
  • Yahoo! Mail now offers simpler photo sharing, editing and easy access to helpful and productive apps.
  • Yahoo! Search has been updated today to make Web search results more relevant and meaningful.
  • High-quality video calling has been added to Yahoo! Messenger for instant connections with friends and family.
  • Yahoo!’s new mobile homepage enables people to continue their Internet experience on their mobile browser. Additionally, new mobile apps including the recently launched Yahoo! for mobile, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Fantasy Football, Yahoo! Messenger and Flickr, bring best of Yahoo! experiences to mobile devices.

“Everything that our engineers and product developers at Yahoo! do draws on deep, world-class technology skills to make the Web more personalized and fun for people,” said Ari Balogh, Yahoo! executive vice president of products and chief technology officer.

Additional information including screen shots, campaign collateral and Yahoo! product information is available at:

About Yahoo!

Yahoo! attracts hundreds of millions of users every month through its innovative technology and engaging content and services, making it one of the most trafficked Internet destinations and a world class online media company. Yahoo!’s vision is to be the center of people’s online lives by delivering personally relevant, meaningful Internet experiences. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit or the company’s blog, Yodel Anecdotal (

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