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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 24, 2009 —,
a subsidiary of Expedited Travel, LLC, finished its second
year in business with an impressive set of achievements
under its belt. In only two years, has
grown dramatically, helping more than 65,000 customers while
earning praise and recognition from many well-known,
influential members of the news media. For example, The Wall
Street Journal voted best in both speed
and service. “We were impressed with,
which offered a detailed online checklist, right down to
what we needed to provide in terms of photos. Plus, the
company’s phone reps were extremely helpful,” reported
Charles Passy in The Wall Street Journal. called the founders of the
“passport pros” on their home page and interviewed
co-founder Adam Boalt for a story on passport expediting
services which was later featured on MSNBC. Additionally, was featured in a video news
piece called “Passports in a Hurry.”

During the 2008-09 fiscal business year,’s parent company, Expedited Travel,
expanded even further. The company, which launched in 2007
in West Palm Beach, Florida, grew its customer service team
and opened a processing and business development center in
Washington, D.C. Additionally, later that year, the company
opened offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Houston,
where they collectively employ over 30 employees. Expedited
Travel also completed a strategic agreement with Orbitz to
offer expedited passport services through both

In addition, Expedited Travel developed and launched another
brand last year,, which provides
expedited travel visa services, which grew significantly,
and now offers visa services to travelers for over 200

“We at Expedited Travel stand behind our commitment that
nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction.
And we work to make each customer feel at ease and confident
about their decision to enlist our company. Our passion for
great service has resulted in a 30% referral base,” said
Janelle Glaesmer, Operations Manager at Expedited Travel.

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