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There are tons and tons of web applications and web companies out there for you to
?nd and use. The tough part can be ?nding them, and narrowing it down to what to use,
and an even tougher part is exactly how to get started using it.

In addition to that, there are all of the opinions and reviews of all the applications out
there. Again, how do you determine the best one to use?

To help you ?nd and learn about all of the apps out there, TrimTab Creative is producing
a weekly Podcast and Vidcast at WeeklyApp.TV (RSS). On the audio Podcast you’ll
hear your host, Aaron Aiken (@aaronaiken), interviewing web entrepreneurs who have
created some down right amazing web applications. You’ll hear about the application
directly from the founder, or from a team member who works on the application every
day. Subscribe in iTunes (or RSS). An MP3 Edition is also available for subscription

And, to take it one step further, you will also get to see an introductory screencast giving
you a tour of the web application at WeeklyApp.TV, this screencast is also written and
produced by TrimTab Creative. Subscribe in iTunes (or RSS).

The main goal of the podcast and screencast, is to give you, the listener and viewer, the
information you want from the folks who have it. And to help give web entrepreneurs a
platform to talk about what they love to talk about: their application!

If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed on the show, you can send an
email to  For more information visit  or shoot
an email to Aaron with your questions,
Enjoy listening and watching!

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
Known globally as a willing source for tech news and views, Andy takes great pride in consultation and education.

Should his schedule permit, Andy is available to help you with your SEO and Web Analytics needs.