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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2009 — A new application instantly
transforms your iPhone into a powerful magnifying glass for
far less than the cost of a pair of glasses.

The iMagnify application enlarges its target from 1x to 4x, at the choice
of its user. The magnification is controlled by a convenient
slide on the display, which can provide pinpoint precision
or a range broad enough to sweep across the page of a book.

iMagnify works equally well in dimly lit restaurants or on
brightly lighted streets. It is ideal for quickly checking
nutrition facts at the grocery store, reading the dosage on
a medicine bottle, making certain that your receipt is
accurate, glancing at a menu, browsing through the labels on
cosmetics, and the hundreds of other common instances when
you need to read fine print, but only for a moment. Its
appeal also extends to coin collectors, philatelists, and
hobbyists of every stripe, who will appreciate the instant
access to detail that iMagnify offers.

Simply put, it is one of the most useful applications ever developed.

In fact, “We have already designed an upgrade that will add to its
helpfulness,” said iMagnify’s Jack Alepyan. iMagnify is
available in the Apple App Store now and is demonstrated on
the application’s website,

About Tech 1, LLC

Tech 1, LLC is a Los Angeles, California-based developer of
consumer technological innovations, such as the iMagnify
application. Its mission is to satisfy its customers by
providing affordable innovative products that are high in
both quality and utility.

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