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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6, 2009 — The i-Freek application allows
users to sequence up to 5 sounds from 48 pre-recorded and 5
recordable sound effects ranging from Chainsaw and Creaky
Old Door to Gas Leak, lending a technological hand during
Halloween festivities.

“We designed i-Freek for the kid who likes to put his
buddy’s hand in hot water while they are sleeping or the guy
who loves all things Halloween and can’t wait to use it on
his unsuspecting female co-workers at his office Halloween
party,” said Dario Antonioni, creator of i-Freek.

“i-Freek should be on your top 5 low-cost Halloween things
to buy. For $1.99 it’s a low-cost way of having some good
ol’ Halloween fun,” said Jose Caballer, Chief Prank Officer
for i-Freek.

Until October 25th consumers can win $1000 for coming up
with an iFreek prank that scares the crap out of an
unsuspecting friend, spouse, neighbor or pet. To enter:
plan, shoot, edit and upload the prank to YouTube and tag

Entries will be judged on creativity, execution, and how
scared the victim was. More importantly, how fun it looks.

To learn more and see screen shots: visit

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