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A New Life To Old Flash Drives

Don’t throw your old USB flash drive away. Instead, you can use an old flash drive as a laptop alarm to prevent your laptop from being stolen. Here is how.

  1. Install free software on your laptop. (free for personal use)
  2. Fasten a neck strap to your old USB flash drive.

  3. Fasten the other end of the strap to a table.

  4. Plug in the USB flash drive into a USB port of a laptop.

  5. Lock the laptop by pressing the Windows logo key and L key together.

When a thief removes the laptop from the table, the USB flash drive will be disconnected from the laptop and then a loud siren sound will be emitted. (See photos: In addition to sounding an alarm, the software sends an alert to your mobile phone. This tip is also useful if you worry about identity theft. The free software destroys data in case of laptop theft.

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